Thursday, October 15, 2015

Welcome to the Podcast!

Greetings Listeners and thank you for tuning into the Anime OST Hour.

My name is Leslie and I am the host of the Anime OST Hour. I created this podcast because I found it difficult to find a podcast or radio station that focused exclusively on the orchestral and instrumental side of Anime music. Most of what I found was the intros and outros of Anime shows and I felt that the scores were overshadowed by all the J-pop.

There really are a lot of great composers such as Yoko Kanno and Joe Hisaishi and other lesser known composers like Hitomi Kuroishi and Makoto Yoshimori. I truly want to bring more exposure to these great composers and hope people find an appreciation for both Anime music and the great story-telling medium of Anime itself.

I thank you again for taking time to listen. Enjoy! どうもありがとう

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